POSTED ON Saturday, August 20, 2016

Olympic Rio 2016 was full of tears, joy, happiness, excitement, depression and sadness. All type of feelings jumbled. As a Malaysian, I am so proud to see some of our athletes have had the occasion to at least show their talent to the world.

Pandalela and Dhabitah Sabri have had done their very best and I'm proud for both of them for being so talented in diving. I'm here wondering how do you guys be able to twists here and there and do this and that because I'm here like...if I dive, I'll just jump straight to my targeted point. I don't even know how to twist my body. So, you guys earn the respect!

During the day where Azizulhasni Awang was going to compete with other like maybe 8 countries (i forgot the precise amount), I unintentionally woke up early in the morning so I watched him striving for the best that day. Being the only asian country in that competition, you're seriously the best one and congrats for the bronze! 

Dato' Lee Chong Wei did never dissapoint us the Malaysians. Whatever type of the medal, you always have that one written "HERO" on it because you're the one. I really hope to see another great badminton player just as LCW that will be our next hero.'s going to be Iskandar Zulkarnain? Who knows :)

Well, I don't write about other Malaysian athletes that participated in other games because I didn't watch them but still, congrats for all athletes that have made this far to olympic rio, a priceless experience and occasion I believe. 

Writing bout this reminds me of the upcoming special ocassion for all Malaysians, that is our Independence Day or Merdeka Day that we celebrate every year on 31st August. Wishing all Malaysians Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan before it's time because i might not be updating on that day. Long live, Malaysia!!

I think we should replace "say cheese"
with "say peace"!

p/s: Dhabitah Sabri is shoo cute by the way! Not to forget, she's 17 just as me (but she's already a diver, makes country proud of her, etc, etc while me....) 

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POSTED ON Monday, August 01, 2016

Just for your information, I've been involved in blogging since I was 10 years old in 2009. Started to be an active blogger in 2010 to 2013 until now making me realise the changing eras in blogging. I can do nothing but deal and try to adapt with the changes. However, I am still proud to see this changing era becoming more contemporary and fitting me well.

Based on my experiences back then, I've known some of famous bloggers that fit each era that I've divided into three:

I swear when I was in this era there were so many people that were trying to learn and improve everything concerning / related to their blogs. I've so much respect with these people because the weren't the type of that just read, see, and take. They will read, analyse, take and learn something. Some of the famous bloggers at that time (they were/are famous because of their blog tutorials) that I still remember are: Lyssa Faizureen, tutorialuntukblog, and many others. I also learned from these people (I can't find their url): Sis Jaja (her real name is Siti Hajar Zainuddin if not mistaken) and Tengku Khai..something (a girl & shares the same age with me).

[while my fav blogger that blog bout random topics at the moment was theotherkhairul and still one of my fav]

I am sooo proud to see how our (us in the era) improvement were so fascinating that we all scrambled to publish our own layouts on Some people that inspires me at the moment to create more blogskins are: Albert Christopher (an indonesian), Yeza, and many more! 
Too, it was a real kpop era at the moment, so many people (included me) published layouts that contain kpop-related-stuff haha!
Here's my blogskin's page (this is the latest account, the other 2 accounts have been deleted or abandoned). 
The famous bloggers that I've known for this era are: Wanaseoby, Afiqah Junizan and Atiqah Jaidin. Included akubudakbiology (or now known as Nana Johari) because of her short stories that make me goes like "Awhhh..uhhh..uuu" everytime lol. Too, this is the era where I started to know Hafiz Zulkafly.

I don't want to elaborate more in this because this is the era that we're all currently coping with. To me this era is so like contemporary one and more elegant because so many bloggers (including me) love modern design and whatnots. The most famous blogger in this era is: Vivy Yusof! I love these blogs too: Lenne Zulkifly and Erin Azmir
There are still some bloggers that would not care bout the design but their contents are all worth to be read such as Maria Elena

Proud to feel the changes and even prouder to see the changes! 
Till then, xoxo.

(I do not know whether to publish this or not but for this while, I'm publishing it! hee)


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POSTED ON Monday, July 25, 2016

I'm sorry dear self...the banner should be in blue, i know, but pink is nice too! hehe 

There are time where we need to remind ourselves about ourselves. Something like where do our happiness come from though it just that tiny little happiness you can feel. Simply say the list of things that cheer you up!

Oh, I did a tagging game: 25 things that make me happy before this and this new version that look kind of like the tag does not mean those "25 things" had already expired. They're still in my list and I just discovered these new things =)

Just imagining it already makes me happy. Too, evoke 24 hours of cravingness. Wait, it's dark choc oat crunch, i don't like the one with fruits (just in case if someone's buying me a present =p)

This is superb nice idea to distract me from talking/doing useless/bad things. Yet sometimes I forgot how to even have a positive thought. Thinking I need to practise more..

3D ANIMATION MOVIES the context of Cartoons of course! My recent watched: Bee Movie, Wreck It Ralph, Inside Out and many more. Dunno why was I watch those old movies.. but they give a good impact though: I smile (at least in the heart) after watching them. They make me feel good espescially that Inside Out from Pixar =)

Well good books never get old. I've through this one book, an old book given by someone to be exact. It was "Dalam Mihrab Cinta" by Habiburahman El Shirazy. Wow, can't believe I'm into this sort of book? This author is different guys. You know what I mean if you read his masterpiece too! I can't explain the feelings of reading his writings..everything is conveyed so well.

I usually use this list to cheer me up again whenever I feel upset with myself, whenever things don't feel right and when the world seems like against me. 
Bottom line: You're all that you have. 

Since I've wrote mine, honestly say, I would love to read your happy list too! *just imagine there's someone reading my post bhaha*


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